DHS Swings Into Spring

The Boys Lacrosse team takes advantage of the warm weather by practicing on the turf. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Quilty
The Boys Lacrosse team takes advantage of the warm weather by practicing on the turf. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Quilty

By: Aidan Taberner

After 108.6 inches of snow beat even the hardiest New Englanders into submission, it’s safe to say that the majority of people are excited for the warmer weather as the beginning of spring takes flight.

As the snow slowly begins to melt, eager athletes line the fields, ready to take advantage of the warm weather and begin practicing for their season openers. For sophomore Jordan Lamothe, spring means teeing off in preparation for golf season. “I really excited for the beginning of gold season. Normally I would’ve been playing by Saint Patrick’s Day or earlier, but I haven’t been able to due to the snow,” Lamothe said. “I really like winter, but I feel like it’s overstayed its welcome.”

Sophomore Zack King is looking forward to the beginning of the track season. “This season got off to a slow start but I am really looking forward to it. When all the snow melts we’re going to have so much more freedom to seriously practice.” King said. Similarly, sophomore Nick Taglieri is excited about doing some of his favorite spring hobbies. “ I really like to go paintballing and after such a long winter, I am really excited to go again. I also like kayaking so the warmer weather will allow me to do that more often.”

For many, warm weather has been greatly missed. Freshman Thomas Clifford missed the warm weather almost as soon as the first snowfall. “I really hate the winter so as you can imagine this was a particularly bad experience for me. By the first snow day I had already had enough and wanted it to be spring.” For sophomore Eva Caliendo, the beautiful sunrises that come with the warm weather of spring have been greatly missed. “I really love watching the sun as it rises over the water. It’s really beautiful,” Caliendo said. Senior Matt Boyle is also excited about the warmer spring weather. “I am ooking forward to getting outside more,” Boyle said. “I’ve missed warm weather since the end of football season.”

While some are excited for the sports and others for the warm weather, spring fashion is also something to look forward to for many students at DHS. “Spring fashion includes some of my favorite outfits and I am really looking forward to not having to wear a coat every day,” said sophomore Nicole Nolin. Freshman Lyndsey Rottman is very excited to start wearing brighter, more vibrant colors. “Winter fashion is okay for a while but I always start to miss the colorful clothing seen in summer and spring. I am looking forward to wearing brighter, warmer clothing this spring.”

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