Seniors Celebrate Senior Night Out

By Sarah A.

Students pose for a photo aboard the Odyssey ship at SNO. Photo courtesy of Jill Sharpe.
Students pose for a photo aboard the Odyssey ship at SNO. Photo courtesy of Jill Sharpe.

On Thursday, April 2, Duxbury High School seniors boarded the Odyssey ship for the annual Senior Night Out (SNO). SNO is a tradition that allows the senior class to spend time together before graduating in June.

Class supervisor Mr. Alberti has helped plan SNO for the past few years. “I think of all the events we have, SNO is a special tradition,” he said. “It’s one of the last things the seniors do together and students have the ability to come together and celebrate the year one last time together as a class on Boston Harbor. I think kids enjoy the ability to hit the city, get on a boat, have a meal and dance the night away. Every year alumni will stop by and SNO is one of their top memories from senior year,” said Mr. Alberti.

Seniors were very excited for SNO. Senior Chloe B. said, “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up and socializing! Also for the food.” Senior Olivia A. said, “I am most looking forward to getting all dolled up and the menu.”

Students did have some concerns for the night. Chloe B. said, “I’m kind of worried about the cold weather. I’ve heard it’s been cold in previous years. I will bring a coat and hopefully it won’t be too bad.” Olivia A. said, “I am nervous about the cold weather but [it’s] nothing a cardi can’t fix!” Mr. Alberti said in his past experiences with SNO, “The weather is definitely always a concern. When I first came to DHS in 2007, SNO was held in March and the weather never cooperated. It was cold, rainy, snowy and wasn’t fun. So we made a decision 4-5 years ago to move to April and the Thursday before Good Friday to save money and hopefully better weather. It’s worked out to this point and it looks like this year we should have good weather as well.”

Seniors had many opinions about how SNO turned out and whether or not it lived up to their expectations. Senior Jill S. thought that SNO was everything she thought it would be and even more fun. “In some ways it was better than I expected, one thing that was beautiful was the view of the city at night,” said Jill S. Chloe B. said, “It was so much fun. I really enjoyed it! [SNO] met my expectations. The food was amazing, especially the potatoes. The music was great, they played a wide rage of songs from the throwbacks to present hits.” Olivia A. thought SNO was a success and lived up to her expectations as well. “I liked that everyone just had fun together and made the event really fun,” Olivia A. said.

The weather cooperated during the night and was not as bad as some students thought it was going to be. Chloe B. said, “It was so hot downstairs where everyone was dancing, but when you went up on the deck to the open air it was so nice. [It was] a little windy up there but refreshing and so beautiful.” Jill S. said, “It was light jacket weather but [outside] wasn’t freezing cold so it was so nice!”

Seniors thought the night out was a success. Chloe B. said, “The one thing that could have been better is the space! There weren’t enough tables and the dance floor was a little small as well.” Jill S. said, “I think it would be fun if we [the senior class] all ate and there was a point where we were all on the dining deck and people got to speak. However, SNO was definitely a blast.”

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