Promposals Fear Rejection

Photo courtesy of Cammy Schiller
Photo courtesy of Cammy Schiller

Every year, around the beginning of the second semester, juniors and seniors start to get excited for one of the biggest nights of the year, prom. Prom season not only involves the stress of finding the perfect original dress, but that of finding a date as well. Promposals started as early as February last year, but this prom season, it seems as though juniors and seniors are slacking. So, where are the promposals?

Junior Emily B. does not feel like it is prom season whatsoever. “Last year and the year before I remember seeing promposals as early as January,” said Emily, “but this year, I haven’t seen any.”

Junior Abbey M. agrees with Emily that past years had promposals very early in the year. “I think that people are just nervous that they’ll be the first one to ask someone. Once someone does ask their date to prom, everyone will start to ask,” said Abbey.

Senior Maddie F. does not think there will be as many public promposals as there have been in past years. “A lot of students have been asking their date more casually to prom this year,” said Maddie. Maddie has heard that many already have dates, but arranged it less formally over text or in person.

Senior Matt B. said that the boys are just nervous. “No one wants to be the first one to ask.”

Senior Kevin H. agrees with Matt in saying that most people are waiting. “There is still plenty of time,” said Kevin.

Although the amount of promposals this year has diminished from previous years, some couples have pushed past this barrier and continued the tradition.

Junior Checka A. was asked on one of the TV screens on Main Street in the high school. “I feel like everyone is just starting late with the promposals this year because of all the new changes with the prom,” said Checka in reference to the new location and new runway route.

Junior Rachel W., asked by Junior Cam A. in the erg room of Duxbury Bay Maritime School, does not feel that the tradition was laid to rest with the old school. “Guys are going to continue to make public promposals. There is still time to ask,” said Rachel.

Junior Cammy S. was asked by her date on the t-shirt of his baby nephew, reading “prom?” Cammy did notice how the amount of promposals have declined this year but does not think it is anything to worry about. “Promposals have always been around, and no one is going to change the system now.”

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