DHS Seniors Prepare for the Next Step

Senior Stephanie H. working on her RoomSurf profile in order to find the perfect roommate!
Senior Stephanie H. working on her RoomSurf profile in order to find the perfect roommate!

By: Kaley R.

The college process is finally over: Now what? The class of 2015 will be graduating from Duxbury High School. In the meantime, research papers, AP exams, and college decisions consume senior lives. When making a final college decision, many factors must be considered, including cost, academics, the campus, social life, housing, roommates, and the size of the school.

After all decision letters from colleges come out “What school to go to?” Seniors Anna J., Kelly M., Annie T., and Mary O. agreed the most important factors for deciding on a school are cost, location, food, and social life. Having their favorite restaurants close to campus has been a very important factor for all of them. Having a Chipolte within walking distance is extremely important they said. The size of the school, small, medium, or large, has a lot to do with where kids will end up and whether or not it is close to home.

Roommates can either make or break your college experience. Many seniors are on the quest for the perfect roommate said Charlotte W. Someone who is their long lost twin. People want their roommates to like to go out as much as they do, study as much as they do, like the same music as they do, and even have the same sleeping patterns. Students have the option to search for roommates through Facebook or students can choose to do random selection. RoomSurf.com is a website that can also help you find the ideal roommate. Senior Remi D. said, “I started to look for a roommate but I just decided to do random selection.” When deciding to find a roommate randomly, students answer a series of questions about their sleeping, studying, and eating patterns. Students describe their likes and dislikes and hope to be paired with someone you can live with. Senior Pat C. will be playing lacrosse at Clark University. “At Clark I will room with another lacrosse player and I get to pick who, I have talked to a bunch of the guys but none of us have picked anybody yet,” he said.

“Another big deciding factor on choosing one’s dream college is if they a certain major that you are interested in,” said senior Marissa F. Many schools are famous for certain programs that many kids apply to. Medical schools, engineering schools, and schools for the arts are popular routes students take. Marissa F. who will attend Bowdoin College in the fall said, “I wanted to become a biology and education major and Bowdoin offered both of those so that helped me choose to go there.”

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