DuxLax Division Champions?

By Celia B. and Molly C.

One more on the way today?

Duxbury boys varsity lacrosse faced BC High in the Division 1 playoffs at Norwell on Tuesday, June 9. The Dragons came away victorious with a final score of 10-2 in the south semifinals.

The team led throughout the game. At halftime, the Dragons were up 4-1, with goals from seniors Matt S., Brendan D., and Niall D., as well as from sophomore Bobby M. Matt finished the game with a hat trick, scoring twice in the second half. The second half also saw two more goals from Brendan and Niall, as well as a goal from junior Shane S.

Junior goalie Brady B. said that he felt his team earned the win. “We’ve been working really hard in practice.” Junior Jack W. also commented, “All our hard work paid off.”

The enthusiastic crowd of Duxbury fans gathered at the Norwell field cheered on their peers in the game from the stands. Junior KC Williams, a team member of the girls varsity lacrosse team, said, “The guys look really prepared. Everyone is doing their job well.”

The team will be traveling to Norwell again this Friday for the Division 1 south final game against Catholic Memorial, starting at 7 p.m.

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