And the Oscar Goes to…

And the Oscar Goes to…

By: Alex K.

Photo Courtesy of Karen Wong Photography

October 22nd to the 24th, the 2015-2016 drama troupe will host the annual Fall Festival of plays. “The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors compete against each other with senior directors and our advisors… We’re competing against the freshmen and sophomores, so I think we have a little more experience under our belts” said junior performer Grace G. Grace is not the only person rooting for the juniors- new to the school, French teacher Madame Glass has her faith in the juniors as well. “You’ve gotta give it to the juniors, right? Who probably have the most experience, it’s probably their 3rd time doing it? They know what it takes” she said. But the freshmen aren’t letting their enthusiasm go unnoticed. With Fall Fest being their first Duxbury high school performance, many seem anything but nervous. And as freshmen Cece C. said, a lot of it is thanks to fellow performers. “At first, I was really on the fence about joining. But, my very first rehearsal, I was greeted with open arms. Everyone was so welcoming and accepting. I don’t regret joining at all!” Even fellow freshmen Jack D. believes he is learning alongside future Oscar winners. “Freshmen all the way- we got some talented people!”

Although the seniors cannot perform on stage for Fall Fest, many are still involved. Seniors Kelsey N. and Kristen M. direct the freshmen play “While Shakespeare Slept”. Young and upcoming playwright William Shakespeare played by Julia W., decides to give up his career for a steadier job. However, Shakespeare’s dreams are disrupted by the leading ladies of his unwritten plays, including Juliet played by Molly G. “Mr. MacFarlane and I wanted a show that would be fun but have a message. We wanted to make the audience think about who Shakespeare really was and how our world would be different without all the literary gifts he gave society” said director Kristen.

The big question is which class will win? “Oh god I don’t know! There’s a lot to be said from experience. But who knows? You might be surprised by the sophomores or the freshmen” said AP English teacher and former Fall Fest judge, Mrs. Woodworth. No definite answers have been given on who’s predicted to win from the cast or crew. But if their faith in one another off stage is any indication of their chemistry on stage, it’s definitely going to be a tight race.

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