Applying for the Future

Applying for the Future

By: Sophie P.

Duxbury High School seniors are en route to complete the college process. Many students have been thinking about college as far back as a year ago. “I kind of started a bit earlier. I started going to tours… in the beginning of junior year,” said senior Thea B. She, like many others, is busy preparing for the months ahead.

Many students are using Naviance as a way to get a feel for where they might want to go. Others prefer doing their research in person, but most fall somewhere in between these lines. Another senior, Noah M. said, “I’ve looked on Naviance a lot, and I’ve done a bunch of college visits, looked into the schools further, their websites, majors that they have, things like that.”

The Guidance Office can also be helpful for getting the materials and information you need for college. “I had a meeting with guidance yesterday and I went through the process with them,” said senior Alek M. For juniors and seniors a trip to guidance can help start the college process. “Juniors, we start looking at colleges with them through the Naviance software program, and we find out what majors they might be interested in, geographic location, demographic size of the school that kind of thing,” said DHS guidance councilor Ms. Magnan “and then seniors we start the whole process with them going through college letters of recommendation, your transcript, and the application process.”

Seniors this year have not only been looking forward into the future, but also have been reflecting on the past, and they have some advice for the underclassmen. Junior Ashleigh Z. said, “Don’t procrastinate and while you should really focus on doing your work don’t stress about everything.”

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