What’s so Neat with a Jeep?

What’s so Neat with a Jeep?

By: Will D.

The word on the street? Jeep. These American made 4×4 sport utility vehicles crafted in the USA are in high demand. Jeeps are meant to make rough terrain driving a slice of cake. In a day of driving through Duxbury, you will see plenty.

On a students early morning walk through the new and improved Duxbury High School parking lots, senior Taylor K said, “there’s Probably 60% jeeps just at the high school.”

Why do people continually buy jeeps? Senior James G said, “Everyone’s got them in Duxbury, so it’s a way of life. You have to get a Jeep to be like everyone else.” Many students think Jeeps have a stylish appearance, making them a very popular car to own.

Most people said that their gas mileage is between 12 and 15 mpg in their jeeps. James said, “Since jeeps are so high up, driving on the high way can be sketchy.” Senior Jack W believes you can get the same features of a jeep if you roll your windows down in an SUV and let the wind blow right through your hair.

Duxbury has a popular beach that continues to lure residents there every summer. Once you cross the Powder Point Bridge, the beach opens up into a vast strip of golden sand, awaiting to test your 4×4’s true ability. Senior, Brian B said, “If I could have any vehicle on the beach it would most definitely be a Jeep Wrangler.” Duxbury Beach has plenty to offer for Jeeps in the bright months of summer but what about New England’s brutal winters? Heron S said, “Jeeps are good for Duxbury weather and in the winter…I feel safe being high above other cars.” Jeeps have 4-wheel drive, allowing the vehicles to grip the road.

Buying a new Jeep Wrangler would cost around $30,000.

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  1. Make sure you identify whom you are quoting with grade as well as name, and your quotes should be punctuated correctly like this: Celia said, “Hi.” (or) “Hi,” said Celia. Original idea for an article though, just make longer and add more substance–deeper exploration as to WHY jeeps are so popular???

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