Fantasy Football Tackles DHS

Fantasy Football Tackles DHS

By: Ben B.

According to, fantasy football can be described as, “a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players.” While that may make it seem simple, to many students at DHS fantasy football means much more than that.

Many students play because they love the competitive atmosphere that surrounds the game. “I play fantasy (football) because I like to compete & and I like to win,” sophomore Luke Eggers said. Luke has played fantasy football since he was in fourth grade, so he is an experienced player and he is also a former champion.

Others love the competition that comes along with fantasy football. Senior Max Duggan said, “I play fantasy football for the bragging rights.” Max also shared some advice for any first time players. “When it comes to the draft, follow your own gut rather than always blindly following what the experts think.” He also shared that his competitive edge has payed off as he won his league two seasons ago.

Not every player plays because of the competition. Some students at DHS play fantasy football because they like the social aspect of the game. Sophomore Frankie Tower said, “I think it is a fun way to compete with friends and show off your knowledge of the game.” Frankie began playing when he was nine years old.

“It’s just another way to get involved with your friends, and it has a good competitive nature”, said Junior Chris Roberts. Chris has played fantasy football for five years, though he has yet to win his league.

Other students at DHS play fantasy football for other reasons, which is fantasy football’s improvement of the NFL season. “It definitely makes the season better. Because, you know you have a little pride and joy when you see the guys on your team go and score a touchdown, and you just know: ‘hey, that’s my boy!’ It adds to the excitement”, said freshman Matthew Gill. Matthew is no rookie to fantasy football, having played since he was only in third grade.

Senior Mason Krahmer said, “It makes the season a lot better. It makes you care a lot more about other games that aren’t Patriots games.” Krahmer has played fantasy football since sixth grade, and said that Jamaal Charles will be the best running back in the league.

Though many of the students at Duxbury High School play fantasy football, it appears that is a mostly a hobby among the male students. Among all of the girls that were surveyed, exactly all of them said they do not currently play fantasy football. Freshman Julia Barry said “I used to play (fantasy football), but it was too confusing… So I stopped.”

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