One Year Too Late

One Year Too Late

By: Julia F.

Breadboard stopped serving students when the new school opened. This privilege used to allow upperclassmen to purchase their lunch from Breadboard, a cooking class for juniors and seniors. This year’s senior class is the first class that never got to eat from Breadboard. Even though Breadboard stopped selling to students when Duxbury switched to the new school, last year’s seniors got to enjoy Breadboard as juniors. According to Mrs. O’Brien, state regulations regarding nutrition in school lunches brought this privilege to an end last year, so buying delicious shakes and dragon mac’ from Breadboard is not a possibility anymore.

Many students thought the reason seniors could not buy from Breadboard was because it was a competing business to the cafeteria, however this is not entirely true. Mrs. O’Brien, the Breadboard teacher, said “It was a district level decision that forbid students from buying breadboard because of the new state regulations.” These state regulations provide guidelines that the school cafeteria has to meet in order to sell lunch to students.

Breadboard’s meals do not meet these regulations and therefore can not sell to the student body. The only way for students to get a taste of Breadboard’s delicious meals is at their catered events like the senior breakfast or the Best Buddies dinner. Or as O’Brien said, “If you want to eat from breadboard, take the class!”

The students in the senior class this year were sophomores the last time seniors could buy meals from Breadboard and many are very upset they lost this privilege. Senior, Mike O. said “There’s no point in being a senior anymore!” Seniors still have many privileges however some seniors viewed this as the most important one.

Lindsea M., a senior in Breadboard gets to cook and taste all of the food that is made during class. Lindsea said, “Students should be able to buy from Breadboard and use the money to buy a class gift” because she agrees that students should be able to try their food too. In agreement, another senior, Bridget B. said “We should at least be able to buy from breadboard once or twice a week.” Most are just upset that they “have been waiting three years to buy good food and now that privilege is gone”, said Harry M.

Many students in the new freshman class are unaware of what Breadboard is and what they sold. After learning that Breadboard used to sell breakfast and lunch to seniors, freshman, Mary N. said, “I didn’t know seniors got to buy good food, I would love to have a second option for lunch.”

Others suggest ways Breadboard could benefit the senior class. Sophomore, Michala W. said “Breadboard should be able to sell breakfast while the cafeteria sells lunch.”

Buying from Breadboard was a privilege upper classmen had at the old school that is being replaced with new ones each year. Seniors still get to eat in the Breadboard area and outside during the spring season.

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