Seniors Push For Privileges

Seniors Push For Privileges

By:Hannah A

Many of Duxbury High Schools’ students feel that senior privileges have been cut short. From the loss of breadboard to minimal seating in the student lounge, many seniors at DHS are upset.

Lily S, a senior at DHS feels that seniors have no privileges that make seniors different from underclassmen. “Being a senior used to be fun and exciting because you got to do stuff no one else was allowed to, but now we have almost the same privileges as the freshman.” Senior Bridget B agreed with Slater and said “We don’t have any privileges, we lost good parking, breadboard and sitting outside.”

Principal Mr. Stephens agreed that seniors do not have many privileges. “We have tried our best to offer seniors many privileges and get creative with them.” Assistant principal Mr.Donovan said that the administration is aware of the overcrowding at some lunches and the limited amount of chairs. “Although students are upset about overcrowding administration is trying to balance out the chairs and number of students at each lunch”. One proposed idea is to add a long table from the cafeteria to the student lounge.

Breadboard and the student lounge are one of the most talked about privilege between students at DHS. The amount of chairs and the not being able to buy breadboard has angered many students. Senior Ryan H said “There should be at least 6 seats at each table, it makes people feel excluded when there is not enough chairs for them.” Many seniors this year have been left without chairs in the student lounge, resulting in them having to sit in the cafeteria. To many seniors surprise, underclassmen are now allowed to sit outside. AnnaCat B said “It is frustrating as a senior to go to the student lounge and there is not enough chairs. So you have to do the walk of shame to the cafeteria and once you get there you realize all the underclassmen took up all the outside seating.” This is another privilege seniors feel like they have lost.

Junior Emma S said, “I think as a junior I don’t have many senior privileges to look forward too. But I am happy I am able to sit outside this year.”

The biggest problem many students have faced is the loss of “good” food. The snack shack, MooBella ice cream machine and student made breadboard food have been taken away. Many students blamed the administration for this when in reality is not there fault. Breadboard teacher, Mrs. O’Brien said “It was a district level decision, and regulations of school lunches that we have to follow.”

One way for students to get their voice heard is it to attend student council meetings and share their ideas. Assistant principal Mr. Donovan said “If students propose good senior privileges, of course we will listen and try and offer them the best we can.”

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