Spirit Week: Stimulating or Spiritless?

Spirit Week: Stimulating or Spiritless?
Students sport their spirit week attire at DHS

By: Nicole N.
Spirit Week is an annual celebration for students showing school spirit. Spirit Week is held at Duxbury High School, starting on Oct. 5 and ending on Oct. 9. 

This year, Spirit Week spans an entire week of school instead of four days. Students have different reactions to Spirit Week.

Student Council member, junior Emily M. said, “First of all, I’m wicked excited because it’s going to be wicked fun. It is my hope that spirit week will create a new atmosphere in the school.”

Some are less excited than others. “For me its a grey area. At times I appreciate the enthusiasm that is portrayed, but at the same time, I feel it can be too overdone to a point where it seems more forced than it being a playful week, thus making it un-enjoyable,” said senior Ian S.

Many students debate whether or not they will dress up.

Some students are excited to participate in the events. “I’m going to dress up for Spirit Week this year because I made some bets with some friends,” said junior Kyle K. “I would like to know what I’m supposed to dress up in… I am excited to participate this year.”

Other students are choosing not to dress up for Spirit Week this year. “I think it would be too much effort to dress up every day during Spirit Week.” “Plus, I don’t really enjoy dressing up,” said sophomore Brittany M. Ian S. said, “I’m too lazy to dress up for Spirit Week, it’s more fun to watch others who do dress up for it.”

Some students may be wondering, “How many people are even going to dress up for Spirit Week this year?” junior Max R. said, “I don’t really know anybody who’s dressing up this year, nobody I know seems to have any ideas for what they’re going to do for Spirit Week so far, especially since the themes aren’t even out yet.”

Junior Thomas C. said, “I know a few friends who are definitely celebrating Spirit Week this year for sure, however, I also know some people who normally don’t participate in Spirit Week.”

Sophomore Lyndsey R. said, “I’m looking forward to Spirit Week this year. I really enjoy seeing everyone dress up. Everyone gets really into it and it’s just really fun.”

Whether students participate or choose not to, many are excited about the festivities. Rotman said, “I think that if you don’t participate or if you do, it’s a great way to show school spirit.”

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  1. Good substance, make sure you don’t use many similar quotes so as to keep the article rolling. Sentences such as “students have different reactions to spirit week” aren’t needed – you just need to transition right into their quotes. Also, I edited this for you, but dates are always: Oct. 9, abbreviation and number format. Not Oct. 9th, or October 9. 🙂

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