DHS Dives Into the Woods

DHS Dives Into the Woods
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Illustration of little red riding hood done by DHS sophomore Lauren W.


By Jay W.

The scripts are out, the music is set, and DHS dashes Into the Woods. The school musical will premiere in the PAC on the 29th through the 31st of January. DHS students and faculty have begun practicing for the musical performance of the school year.

07883F07-3B9ACA00-1-Into The Woods“We had about 60 people audition,” said Mr. Judge, a director of the musical, “it’s very evident there is a lot of skill and ability here.” Auditions kicked off in October, and since then actors and actresses have been hard at work to perfect the melody that is Into the Woods.

The actors cannot wait to take part. Jared N, a senior actor, plays the baker’s role in the musical. “I’m very excited, it’s a new experience after being in pit orchestra for two years – the story branches out, and comes back together in the end,” he said. Senior actress Iva B, who plays the witch in the musical, also commented on the story of the musical. “Into the Woods is a growing-up kind of story, every character grows in some sort of way – revenge doesn’t solve everything,” she said.

The story of Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim, many agreed, is a unique and different play from that of last year’s Phantom of the Opera. Mrs. Noerenberg, one of the conductors of the pit orchestra said “It’s contemporary and fresh – it’s light and whimsical, but is dark and weird, different from the old-fashioned musical.”

Some students viewing the musical have tips for the actors and actresses. “Emotion, letting it out, the actors have to be emotional – last year was a big success,” said sophomore Luke E. Many of the people involved in the musical agree that the final performances are the most exciting part of the development process. Junior actress Sarah G is little red riding hood in the play and expressed her excitement for the musical. “I’m mostly excited for the end product, because I’ve seen the movie so many times – different fairy tales coming together, it’s really unique.”

Duxbury’s Into the Woods is produced by the pit orchestra, stage crew and craft, faculty, and of course the actors and actresses themselves.

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