Picking the Right Apple

Picking the Right Apple

By: Morgan R

June 29th,  Apple released their first iPhone in 2007 . As time went by Apple continued to produce more and better technology, even after the loss of the famous Steve Jobs.  Now more than ten years since the beginning of Apple’s success, the iPhone 6s was released on September 26th.  The phone comes with the new IOS 9 update, and the option of having the  rose gold color.

Similar to prior years, Apple promised that the new phone is much better than the last.  Senior Sam B agrees and said “My new 6s is much faster than my 5 and none of my apps glitch.”  Also junior Kyle K said “the battery life is amazing!”
Contrary to this, many students do not agree that the 6s is better. Freshman Jack O who currently owns the 5C said “I heard the 6s has a really good camera, but so do a lot of other phones now”. He also does not think he’ll get the new phone since Apple comes out with a new one every year.   

Senior Brynne B has an upgrade to replace her iPhone 4,  but is unsure about what she wants.  Brynne said “I’d want the new Samsung because my uncle just got it and the camera was really good.”  Also last years iPhone 6 owner Liz Cataract said “The 6s may be better than most other phones, but my 6 isn’t much different.”    

Apple also added a new color to the mix of iPhones. Instead of just black, silver or gold, now the rose gold is available. Junior Sophie R said “I just got the rose gold and it looks so pretty and stylish.”  

The new phone may not be for everyone though, Senior Beth B said “I really don’t like the Rose Gold color, I feel like I would get sick of the color quickly.”  Beth now has the black 6s, but said “My dad got me my phone for a gift, but if I were to buy it myself I would get the silver.” The new rose gold is not only appealing to girls. Sophomore Aidan N said “I’ve always liked the gold phones”

Along with the new phone came the IOS 9 update. This can either be downloaded onto anyone’s iPhone, or is already installed in the 6s.  According to Apple the update is said to improve the phone each year.

Most students here at DHS both like and dislike parts of the new update.  Senior Sam Bettencourt said “I love the quality of the Camera, but I don’t like the live photos, they take up way too much storage.” about his new phones update. Sophomore Aidan C said “My favorite thing about the new update is the new emojis”.  

For some the update my look pretty, but doesn’t work well for their phones. Senior Brynne Blackington said “ I like the new apps because they look very artistic”, but on the other hand she said “My computer is too old for the update to sync my music onto it.” Sophomore Tara C said “ I really don’t understand why the update has so many unnecessary features, like the 3D touch.”

With the updates new style and looks one would think everyone would want this phone.   Junior Kyle K disagrees and said “ I noticed a lot more people buying the 6 last year.”  Both the 6 and 6s look very much alike,  Junior Sophie Roy said  “ No I have not noticed a lot of people with the new phone, but I can’t really tell because the 6 looks so much like it.”  

Regarding the fact it is an unknown amount of people who bought the phone, many say they would not get the 6s if it never came out. Freshman Jack O  said “If I could get a different phone I would want to see the new droid. It is supposed to be shatter proof and I think that’s really interesting”.  Other students say they would get the new Samsung,  Galaxy Edge, or an older iPhone.  

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