Girl Code: Steps in the Right Direction

Girl Code: Steps in the Right Direction

image1By: Alex K.

Now that Halloween is over and the weather is starting to get more unbearable, we are officially in fall-fashion mode. While I could go around the school and ask where everyone’s getting their puffer vests this year, I thought I would focus on footwear. It’s ideal to have a versatile shoe collection, especially in a town where the weather can range from Africa to Antarctica.

As we get closer to winter and farther from summer, a shoe trend I have been loving is ankle boots. They come in all types of styles and colors- waterproof, slip-on, adorned with buckles, brown suede, black leather. I just purchased a pair of black leather ankle boots from Urban Outfitters. Surprisingly, they were very inexpensive. I have found that they’re really easy to pair with outfits- I even wear them with black leggings and a sweatshirt. Before, I would lace up a dirty pair of Nikes. But the boots make the outfit look like I put more effort in, when all I really did was zip them up.

Struggling to find a pair or which ones to buy? More and more stores are starting to sell booties. Even J.Crew is replacing their neon Sperrys with suede lace-ups. Nordstrom carries all types of ankle boots. But if price is a bigger concern than quality, H&M and Forever 21 sell them at more wallet-friendly prices.

Do not be caught off-guard by the color. If a maroon pair is scaring you away, go with a neutral. Black is always a go-to. Plus, if you are like me and own mostly black leggings, they’ll go with all your outfits.  

Another shoe trend that I have seen and have been loving is converse. It’s safe to say that most girls in the school own the white low-tops, but there are other styles out there (I know, shocking!). One style that’s been getting increasingly popular are high-tops. I’ve been noticing more and more black ones. If you’re looking to not be twinning with half of your class, I’d suggest the navy or grey ones. Since converse can be an investment, it might be better to go with a neutral color that you can work into all of your outfits.

In case high-tops are not your thing, the slip-on style is always an option. I find I wear my ivory slip-ons more than any shoe I own. They go with dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, and even the occasional patterned pants.

Remember Black Friday will have sales as well. And if you are too scared of fighting off another girl for a half-priced sweater, there’s always Cyber Monday!

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