Recycling Rumors

Recycling Rumors

By:Hannah A

12272622_988077337904640_29484208_nRecycling rumors are flying around DHS. The debate of whether the students and administration efforts to recycle is worth it.

Mrs. Bartlett, the Special Projects/Energy Manager, said, “Because of the single stream program, it may look like recycle material is going into the trash bins. However, I’m sure that some recycle material does get put into the trash.”


Mrs. Bartlett said, “Single stream recycling is the process in which all paper fibers, plastics, metals, and other go into the same bin to be recycled.”

Many students feel that it is unnecessary to recycle because they believe the trash and recyclables go into the same place. Senior Lilly S said, “All of the stuff goes into the trash anyways so why would I even bother recycling?” With this approach the debate then becomes a revolving door.

As Mrs. Bartlett said, “Custodians are finding trash and food waste in the classroom recycling bins.”

Many want to recycle but do not know what is suppose to actually go into these mysterious blue bins. Junior Carlin B said, “I try to recycle but it is hard because I am really unsure of what is actually suppose to go into the each bin.”

Mrs.Bartlett said, “Just like the Town of Duxbury, the School Department has a Single-Stream Recycling program through Waste Management Inc, the vendor that picks up the recyclables and trash. Paper, plastic, and aluminum are allowed in one bin.”

Many people do not recycle at school. Senior Kayla S said, “I do not recycle at school, I am too lazy and no one tells me what to put in the buckets.”

Administration has had many attempts to amp up our efforts to recycle at DHS. Two years ago at lunch there were large recycling bins along with diagrams to clearly state what should go in. These bins are still there but many students do not pay attention to them or know what to put in them.

Mrs. Bartlett said, “For recycling, there are large green bins in the cafeteria as well as on each floor. Each classroom has blue baskets for recycle items.”

Many people do recycle at home but do not at school. Junior Jane B said, “My family always recycles. It is like second nature to us.”

Senior Sam B said, “I think recycling is very important. We should do it at school just like I do at home. “


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