Senior Class Dazed

Senior Class Dazed

looking down on the stageBy: Savannah B.

The senior class plays are the final curtain class for many in Duxbury’s 2016 graduation class. The senior class rehearses, directs and preforms the show entirely on their own. The opening night for the play is December 2nd and 3rd.

The senior class plays is the first plays many of the students participate in. Mrs. Abby Jackson graduate of Duxbury High School said, “ The play was really fun. I had never participated in Drama before, so it was a new thing for me. A lot of kids had never done drama before, so I didn’t feel left out. The plays were some of the best memories of my senior year”.

Seniors audition in mid-October, and the cast list released on the Friday of that week by the Co-directors. Everyone who auditions gets a role in the play. The cast is then split into three groups. Each group performs a different piece.

This year the show features three separate one acts plays. Sam B said, “ I know one is about breakups, another is about awful first dates, and one is about Christmas. So they are all pretty relatable to kids in high school”

Senior Kelsey N and Iva B are co-directing the senior class plays. Director Kelsey N said, “ It’s difficult directing your peers because I have been with most of these kids since first grade, so they don’t always take you completely seriously. Iva B said “ I’m pleasantly surprised how well the cast is doing considering that most of them have never acted before”.

“The plays are a bonding experience before the final farewell of high school,”said Meredith H. “I’m becoming closer to kids. I haven’t really talked to before. I’m glad that I got to know them before we graduate.”

Madison K said “ To the underclassmen who are unsure that they would want to participate in the plays as a senior. Do it. You don’t need to know how to act to be in, and it’s really fun.”

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