The Halls Are Alive with the Sound of Music

The Halls Are Alive with the Sound of Music

By: Sophie P.



Music makes everything better. Since the migration to the new school, faculty has devised a plan to make passing time a more entertaining experience at the end of each week.

On Fridays, music played in between classes has triggered unique reactions from students and staff alike. “I think it’s a good way to end the week,” said sophomore Tara C. However she, like many others, agrees that there should be some changes.

Most students agree that they should have more of a say about what kind of music is played in between classes. “I would like to hear stuff that the students pick…something a bit more popular that everyone knows,” said DHS student Caroline M. She would prefer “a fun song, the kind that makes you happy that it’s Friday.”

Over the last year however there have been some popular choices amongst students. “I actually like when they do the holiday stuff, that’s always fun,” said Jordan U. For some passing time can be an enjoyable and entertaining experience, especially during events like spirit week and other school wide functions. “I liked when they played like the Pink Panther,” said senior Madison K.

Understandably it can be difficult to choose music that appeases to all students and staff of both the high school and middle school, especially when music taste is affected so much by the age of the consumer. When asked about favorite songs, responses varied from “Ariana Grande” to “The Star Spangled Banner” and everything in between.

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