The Flannel Panel

The Flannel Panel

By: Will Dalrymple


Flannel Friday is a day where students and teachers get to dress up in their favorite flannel shirt, a soft woven fabric button down, often with plaid patterns on it.

On a cold winter day here in Duxbury, this fashion statement is one to keep you warm and cozy. Senior Anna C said the ideal outfit is comfortable shirts that look good. There is no way around the fact that temperature outside is old getting colder, winter is just around the corner.

Flannel Friday combines the aspects of creating school spirit and comfort on a cold winter morning. Moving into the new school two years ago, many traditions have changed. Senior Kurt K said, “I believe they are trying to give the new school a new sense of spirit and get it back to where the old school was.” Cam C thinks that while Spirit Week and the pep rally are big events in which many participate in, that is one week out of many during the school year. Many students can agree, “It’s fun to be a part of something”, said Junior Alden M.

Fashion trends like Bean Boots, joggers, and Hunter Rain boots have been seen through the halls of DHS. Music Fridays have serenaded the halls of DHS with its peculiar fascination with Metal Rock. Taco Tuesdays at Breadboard is only a distant memory to many upperclassmen according to Alden M. Only a handful of people actively participate in Flannel Friday at DHS according to sophomore Maddy M.

Senior Walt R said, “Spirit week is great but we need all that spirit to translate into everything we do.” Walt R believes if more and more people join this flannel frenzy, students can show their school pride and stay warm through the winter months.

What do you say Duxbury? Should we wear flannels on Fridays?



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