What’s The Ditch?

What’s The Ditch?

By  Molly N.FullSizeRenderIs Duxbury High School Green? Duxbury has created ditches to greenly distribute rainwater. School faculty vouches for the green effect this project has on our environment. However, other factors in the school contradict this progress.

From the start of the school year there has been confusion amongst students about the ‘ditches’ and what they’re for. Senior Anna Cat B. thought the project was for “pipes” to be installed and then covered. Senior Connor O. assumed the large ditch was a blueprint for a “swimming pool.” Izzi M. thought the ditch was for “replanting, to make it look nicer.”

Vice principal Jim Donovan, explained that the ditches are “water retention areas” that are “giant holding tanks for rainwater.” These are also seen on the sides of highways and other roads. Another faculty member Mr. Johnson said, “To be a green school you have to drain things a certain way,” supporting the school’s green effect on the ditches around campus.

Aside from the drainage ditches our school has other components that makes it green. Senior Max D. said “Hydration stations are green because we can refill our water bottles.” Some of the stations have saved over 2,000 plastic bottles by refilling the ones students bring to school.

Sophomore Mike H. believes our school is green due to the fact that “There’s always recycling bins everywhere.” Freshmen Tim M. said, “We try and conserve power when we can” On the contrary, sophomore Sam W. agreed with sophomore Will B. when he said said, “No, the amount of energy we waste on the gigantic tvs that are completely useless. We are not efficient with energy.”

Keep an eye out for the next green move Duxbury High makes!

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