Favorite Holiday Movies Storm DHS

Favorite Holiday Movies Storm DHS
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Many students and teachers at DHS enjoy holiday movies.

By: Nicole N.

As winter approaches, DHS dusts off their favorite holiday movies.

Many have different opinions on which holiday movie is best to watch, including Elf, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Eloise At Christmas Time.

Sophomore Robert R. said, “Home Alone would have to be my favorite holiday movie because [the movie] is very original, well-plotted, and funny. I can’t help but laugh every time I watch it.” “Elf is absolutely my favorite holiday movie,” Chemistry teacher Ms. Heath said, “All movies should have songs that you can sing along with. This movie gets bonus points for creating classic one-liners that I just love to yell, like “SANTA’S COMING!”. Junior Janie B. said, “My absolute favorite holiday movie is Eloise At Christmas Time because it’s heartwarming and humorous.”

Many students and teachers have different favorite movie characters. Senior Thea B. said, “My favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas without a doubt because it combines my two all-time favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas, together.” Thea said, “In the movie created by Tim Burton, who is my favorite director, Sally would be my favorite character because she is clever, kind, and pretty cool.” Junior Alex H. said, “My favorite holiday movie character is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer because he is sometimes relatable and is also sort of an underdog.”

Not everyone waits until December to watch their favorite Wintery movies, some [people] can barely wait until the end of November to release their holiday spirit. According to some students, holiday movies are best when watched at home with the company of others. Senior Annie L. said, “I normally start watching holiday-themed movies in November after Thanksgiving. I really love Christmas, but I try not to get too much into the spirit too early.” Annie said, “I love watching holiday movies at home on the couch while drinking a nice hot cup of hot chocolate with my friends. It’s always more fun being around my favorite people no matter what I’m doing.”

While some to most people may enjoy watching holiday movies during the upcoming Winter season, others would rather watch their average favorite movies. History teacher Mr. Craft said, “I rather enjoy watching history or comedy movies. Craft said, “Binge watching movies, however, would be a huge waste of time. I have no time to waste. When I watch movies, I preferably would enjoy being on my lonesome, I strongly dislike when other people talk over the movie that I am trying to focus on.”

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