Classic vs. Comedy: a Holiday Debate

Classic vs. Comedy: a Holiday Debate

e40b7e30364f6bab28cd6523817e3103By: Alex K.

‘Twas a few nights before Christmas, and all through DHS, not a student was stirring not even a mouse. The only thing to get the students stirring? Christmas movies.

Out of 115 students, 94 preferred watching Christmas comedies, and 21 students love nothing more than a classic.Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.14.53 PM

Of course, it is not an easy decision. “I like both. Generally, I would choose to watch funny Christmas movies more just because they are more entertaining. But then again I’ve grown up watching classics, so that brings back memories from other Christmases,” said sophomore Lizzy J.  For others, it is not a tough choice. “I always fall asleep when I watch the classics… unless ‘Elf’ is considered a classic,” said French teacher Madame Glass.

According to DHS students, “Elf” is certainly a classic. “People who are ten years old love it, and people who are seventy love it” said junior Callie B. As Christmas approaches, more and more quotes from the notorious movie are being thrown around. “Francisco… that’s a funny name to say” said junior Bobby M.

Many students are watching these movies by their Christmas trees with friends and family. “I usually watch these movies with my friends,” said junior Teddy W. But there’s a big demand to watch Christmas movies in school- specifically the day before Christmas break. “Get into the Christmas spirit and let us take a break since we work hard most of the time!” said senior Caroline C.  

What do the teachers have to say to their students? “I think I’d be tempted to tell them okay! But since some of them are badly behaved boys and girls, Santa is bringing them chemistry worksheets for Christmas instead of something fun,” said Chemistry teacher Ms. Heath. So any students of Ms. Heath’s may want to boost their grade up before December 23rd.

Obviously Christmas does not just revolve around the movies. “I am most excited to see my family on Christmas Eve, because we always have a great time,” said freshman Shannon C. Christmas is also a time to spend with family and friends, whether it is by watching movies, or giving each other gifts. “I am most excited for decorating my house and giving my friends presents. I love picking out gifts for people and figuring out what they like” said junior Hailey B.    


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