Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

By: Will D

Hoverboards are the hottest new toys on the market! This holiday season, the demand for these new toys is on fire.

            2015 has brought the invention of the “hoverboard”. Before anyone jumps of other their socks, this is not anything like the Back-to-the-future hoverboard; it’s just a smaller version of a Segway without any handlebars. As the holiday season arrives, millions of people around the world are finding a new way to get around the block on these toys.

Why? Freshman Jake B said, “ People don’t like walking, so this genius invention will allow everyone to get around using the hoverboard, and they will all get fat.” Despite this common theme of humans finding innovative tools to make their lives simpler, Senior Max D said, “Hoverboards take a lot of balance and are definitely way tougher than you would think they are to ride.” There have been online videos of people getting thrown off their hoverboards at high speeds.

Millions of people have been buying these new toys, especially with the holiday season coming up. However, recent news has sparked a dispute about the safety of these hoverboards. Hoverboards have been catching fire and blowing up. Senior, Collin P said,” I’ve never seen it happen before, but there is a defect in the batteries that causes them to catch fire and implode.” Prudente said the lithium ion in the batteries is highly reactive, and when the batteries overheat, they start to melt and eventually catch fire.

So the question is, are they safe? Senior, Daena M still feels safe around hoverboards and would ride one despite the risks. Some people can weigh the factors of mastering these tricky boards over a potential fire and loss of their new $300 toy. Jake R said, “Before hearing the news of these fires, my mom was about to get one for my brother.” The truth is, many children will be getting these toys for the holidays. Reagan believes everyone should understand the potential risks that come with these cool new boards.

Delta, American, and United Airlines have just released a ban on hoverboards for there airlines due to the safety hazards.

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