Winter is Coming (The Science of Studying)

Winter is Coming (The Science of Studying)

By: Sophie P.

For many students midterm season means one word: stress.

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Midterm stress hits juior Lizzie C. hard

“It can be pretty stressful, but be sure not overwhelm yourself too much,” said senior Robey H. However, he believes a good study plan is all that’s needed to get through the difficult week. “I just study as hard as I can and I try to pace myself and plan everything out.”

In general, studying can be a tedious and tiresome task but implementing certain methods can be very helpful. “Study groups are the other big thing,” said psychology teacher Mr. Aukerman. “Try to get together if you can and make it a little bit social. If you have a friend crack a joke about a term, people will remember that term better.”

Another unique study method is to break up the amount of time you spend studying into 45-minute study sessions and 15-minute breaks. “45/15 is what some of what the best brain science says, and even in that 45 [minutes] basically your brain is already going to take a break… you need to get up, move.” said Aukerman.

Studying specifically for different subjects also requires different methods in which to learn those subjects. “I use Quizlet for languages, History, and English because I have all those vocab words,” said junior Meredith L. “I find Quizlets and add them to one folder and practice them all separately… then I’ll try them all at once.”

For freshmen, the week of midterms can be especially daunting, considering this winter will be the first major test they’ve ever taken. For a bit of advice, junior Maya B said, “Just don’t panic and make sure to exercise during those days, I know it sounds weird but it helps you focus.”


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