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The students at DHS are passionate about their music. While the Duxbury Music Department has received endless awards and praise, for most Duxbury students music is listened to, not made. Every day boys and girls of all shape, size, and put on their headphones and turn on their favorite songs through a variety of sites and services.
250 boys and girls of all grades were polled in order to find out what site or service they used to listen to music. The students polled were asked to only answer once, so it would be the service they use the most. The students were given a few options of popular services, and if they used something that wasn’t offered, they were encouraged to write down the service they use.
The options that were given were Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube, and an other category. Out of all 253 students surveyed, a staggering 157 said they use Soundcloud. While the entire student body was not polled, based off the diversity and the high amount of the sample size, all evidence suggests Soundcloud is not a traditional music service, but more like a social network based around music. Any music artist can upload and share their talent with the world. Junior Liam Davis likes this aspect, as he said, “on Soundcloud anyone can upload anything and you can listen to it.”
With 59 out of the 253 votes, Spotify easily is recognized as the second most popular music service amongst Duxbury students. Spotify has a free version, and premium version. One user of Spotify Premium is Senior Wes Horton, ”I pay 10 dollars a month for it, and I have been doing it for two years.” Wes said. It is also worth noting that Wes stated Spotify is all he uses, 100% of the time, so it seems as though he’s getting his money’s worth. Spotify has 75 million users worldwide and it slowly but surely is finding its way into the hands of Duxbury High School students.
The platform that received the third highest amount of votes was Youtube. Youtube is not a traditional music streaming service, but rather a website where people post videos, and people post popular songs on the site. One factor that may drive people away from using the site as their primary music source is the unreliable quality of the sound. Senior Cam Powers believes in the importance of sound quality, and he understands how Youtube’s quality can be suspect at best. “If I click on a song on YouTube, and the quality, of the song is only 240p… it won’t sound that good so it is definitely a factor.” Youtube received 21 votes out of 253 potential votes, so it is not the most popular, but due to the recent actions of the administration it is arguably most reliable.
Apple Music came in fourth place, with only seven students saying they use the site. One of the students who uses Apple Music is senior Johnny B. “I have Apple Music on my phone… I use it pretty frequently.” Apple Music is a service streaming service offered by the tech giant Apple. Apple Music is $9.99 a month, but it is $14.99 per month for a family.
One interesting aspect of Apple Music is their endorsement deals with several artists, most notably Drake. When asked of whether he felt these deals influenced his usage of Apple Music, Johnny B. said, “No not really, everything I want is already on the service anyway.”
So those were the main four answers, but there were other options. Other answers flooded in like Pandora, Rhapsody, My Mixtapez, Hype Machine, and even Tidal. All of these answers just go to show that while the students of Duxbury may not be that diverse, the way they listen to music is.

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