February Break To Storm Duxbury

February Break To Storm Duxbury
The Duxbury High School entrance.

By: Nicole N.

The bitter cold is forcing many students to migrate to the South for vacation.

As students are being given the opportunity to leave town for vacation, Dr. Ben Tantillo, the superintendent, sent out an email on February 4th Duxbury High School that he is “extending the ‘work free vacations’ for February and April for all students, teachers, and administrators with the same parameters as the winter break.” He believes that the amount of pressure felt by the students is underestimated. “Sometimes, we, as educators, don’t realize the amount of pressure felt by our students or ourselves until we actually take a break from work.”

Flights are being scheduled, and students are ready to travel away from the snow. Junior Janie B. said, “I’ll be going to visit UVM (University of Vermont) over vacation, with my friend, Emma, and her mom. I hope that I will get to see some mountains while we’re there, too.”

Although some prefer going away for their vacations, other students would rather just stay around at home. Sophomore Brittany M. said, “Instead of going out, I would prefer to lounge at home with my cat, Oscar, so I’m probably just going to do that.”

Many students are excited for February Break this year. Junior Tyler G. said, “I’m so pumped for break. I can’t wait to just chill at home without stressing out over homework.” Senior Ian S. said, “I’m pretty excited for vacation. I’m going to be driving down to Washington, D.C. to meet up with some of my friends; I hope that I won’t be going through another snowstorm on the way down, though.”

Some students are not as excited as others, but they are still glad that they have some time off from school to be in bed and to be with their food. Junior Peter N. said, “I’m somewhat excited for break, more or less. I’m mostly looking forward to sleeping in, though.” Junior Lia S. said, “I just hope that I’ll be able to get some personal time with my flaming hot Cheetos.”

On Valentine’s Day, some students plan to invest in some quality time with their significant other. Alex H. said, “I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with my lovely girlfriend. I plan on surprising her with a few cliché but sentimental gifts, as well as watching all of her favorite movies as a date.”

As not everyone has someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, others plan on spending it with their friends. Junior Brooke M. said, “I don’t have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day, but I’ll probably be tanning and swimming with my friends, Maura, Robyn, and Emma, while we’re in Mexico together.”

Regardless of what students plan on doing over vacation, they are bound to enjoy the alleviating time off from school. Overall, students are free to enjoy a work-free, week-long vacation to do whatever they may please to do.

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