New Changes to Senior English

New Changes to Senior English

IMG_1357by Alex K

As of next year, seniors will choose between new English electives and AP English. There is now an abundance of English electives to pick. From Creative Writing to Stories of Survival, these electives will replace Senior English and count towards English credit.

2015-16 Senior English options 2016-17 Senior English options
AP English Lit.

Senior English (honors)

Senior English (college-prep)




*Dr. Baynes said, “All courses available for students at either college-prep or honor level. They can be taken as an unleveled elective as well.”

AP English Lit. (year long)

*Semester options:

·      Creative Writing

·      Sports Literature

·      Crime Literature

·      Stories of Survival

·      Contemporary Social Issues

·      Shakespeare

·      Humor and Satire

AP students can also take the electives. “You’re in the course but there wouldn’t be much outside work expected, like in other electives. This is a way to expose yourself to something you’re interested in without getting too bogged down,” said English teacher Mr. McWilliam. AP English is still available, but these electives are now options for extra English courses.

Students chose these new electives. Subject supervisor Dr. Baynes said, “Well ultimately the students did [come up with the idea] because what we did was the teacher’s first proposed a number of courses. We surveyed students on Survey Monkey and gave students a list of all the electives that’d been brainstormed, and what was their preferred electives to take.” This is a work in progress but Dr. Baynes believes students and teachers are ready to take on the challenge.

Some seniors wish they had the chance to take on this challenge. “I know it takes a while for things, like course changes, to happen but I do wish I had the option as a senior to take those classes,” said senior Bridget B. However, quite a few students who are not graduating this Spring are liking the idea. “I like it because it can go to different people’s likings,” said sophomore Sophie M.

Many cannot take their eyes off of the Creative Writing elective. “I was already planning on taking AP English, but I might try to fit creative writing into my schedule,” said junior Libby B. DHS did offer this elective for a period of time, until the number of students enrolled dropped dramatically. Now Creative Writing may be getting it’s comeback. “There isn’t much time in the regular curriculum to do creativity. My feeling is that people who want to write creatively just want to write. I think it’s a great opportunity!” said English teacher Mrs. Ciccarelli.

Journalism and Skills for the Real World are still available for students as elective courses.


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