In America

In America

By Savannah Blanch

Duxbury High School hosted foreign friends.  On friday January 28th Duxbury High School opened it’s doors to the American Field Service students.  AFS is a nonprofit exchange program that encourages hands on intercultural learning from around the world.   The AFS students came to Duxbury High School as part their intercultural visit created by the AFS program .  The AFS club at DHS chaperoned students from over 20 different countries including Brazil, Italy, Thailand and Japan. The AFS students attended classes where they were encouraged shared their experience of America so far.

Upon seeing Duxbury High School for the first time, many of the AFS students were shocked at the enormity of the school.  Amy of Korea said, “  Last night all the students came to see the school,When I first saw the school I was very confused because I thought they brought me to the mall. The school is so big and beautiful you’re lucky to have it.” liania from Italy said, “ America is not what I thought it was going to be.  I’ve see all the shows like high school musical and I was expecting high school to be like that, but it’s very different. You guys don’t get nearly enough time to talk to your friends in the hallway.”   

Most AFS students agree that school in America is a lot easier and more fun. “ I attended a private school in bangkok and I live alone. My father worked very hard to give me an education, so I study. I leave school at 11 at night then do my homework.” said Kong from Thailand.  Uri from Japan said, “ In Japan school does not end until five at night. Then we go home for an hour and come back to study.  My parents are very strict with education, so I do not get to go out to see my friends that often.”  Laptops were also a point of interest.

AFS students were very impressed by Duxbury’s iconnect program. “it so cool that you get to keep your laptops until graduate. Learning for a computer is something that we don’t have at home.” said Marco from Hong Kong.

The students will be touring America for a year.  The American Field Service is open to anyone who wants to study abroad to get involved. You can join the club at DHS run by history teacher Mrs. Tracey or apply online.

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