New Visions

New Visions

IMG_1111The Duxbury High School Math Department is looking forward to some major changes.   Starting next year the math program will be adding new electives and changing some of its core classes. These changes will give students more opportunities and allow them to broaden their horizons.

There are some minor and major changes happening to the Duxbury Math Program. one of these is the changing of the name of the Pre Calculus class to Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry. This name change will give colleges a better understanding of what the course is about. Most other schools around the country use this new name. By having Duxbury’s Pre Calc have the new name, it will avoid confusion between different schools.

Another change coming is that there will be an increase in the number of electives offered to students.  Mrs. Iacodora says, “This will allow students to have more options during  junior and senior year, no matter what level math they are in.”

This is a very positive change. Before, unless a student took an honor or AP course, there were limited electives to choose from. Now, the Math Department is cutting the original math electives in half, but adding some more. Freshman Morgan S. says, “ I’m excited to choose what course I can take in a few years instead of just being thrown into one.”

Starting next year the  famous Math Tech class will be narrowed down to a half year course. Along with a few others such as Intro to Statistics and Intro to Calculus.

Since the older classes are being reduced, it leaves room for more to be available for all types of students.  These new one semester courses will include Entrepreneurship, Fundamentals of Business, Personal Finance and Accounting. These new electives focus more on majors that students are interested in pursuing in college. That way they will have further knowledge about what their future will be like.  

With the new changes coming next year, students on all types of academic tracks can enjoy a math elective. There will no longer be any students feeling that they will always be the lowest level in math. Senior Annie L. says, “ I’m happy to see that next year other kids will be able to get options I never did.”

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