A Stylish Spring Season

A Stylish Spring Season
Spring Fashion Article Picture
Stylish and trendy clothing and accessories.

By: Nicole N.

With warm weather and sunny days just around the corner, DHS students and teachers show off their sensational spring styles.

Seeing as not everyone owns a pair of white Vans like Daniel, some students starting to break out more pairs of their own funky footwear to match their outfits. Junior Brooke M. said, “I love my Timberlands, but I’m really excited to wear cute sandals and wedges for when that warmer weather finally rolls around. I have a strong feeling that blues and whites are going to be really in this Spring, so I’m calling it right now”.

Warmer weather is expected to spring at us somewhat soon, and new clothes with brighter colors are to possibly show up at school for this fashionable season as well.       History teacher Mr. Aukerman said, “Other than suspenders, I’ve been wearing the same articles of clothing ever since high school. I know that I have a few shirts that are older than the students at this school.”

However, just because it’s going to be Spring soon, some at DHS still enjoy wearing their beloved darker colors. “I remember this one fateful day when a few seniors picked on me in the parking lot for wearing a bright colored shirt that my wife made me wear. I often enjoy wearing dark colors such as black, blue and grey. The more you look like a bruise, the better off you are. I also enjoy wearing blazers, because when I used to travel a lot, I often would try to pick a blazer to remind me of that trip and its memories later on,” Aukerman said.

DHS is known to have variety, as the students and teachers pick up those delightful deals at different stores for many different kinds of styles. Junior Max K. said, “In the Spring, I usually dress preppy or in streetwear, wearing my J. Crew field jacket and white leather Vans. If I had to suggest a store to try out, I would say that H&M has a wide variety of different clothes and styles for cheap prices; the clothes will likely not last for a long time, but they are good for trying out a new style”.

French teacher Mrs. Corbett said, “I love shopping at TJ Maxx, J Crew, and Second Time Around, which is a consignment store on Newbury Street in Boston. I’m not very brand-loyal, so when I see something I love, I buy it regardless of the brand. Also, when I’m picking out an outfit, I like to start with a few ‘staple items’; a good pair of jeans, a nice, crisp white shirt, then make the outfit come to life with fun accessories”.

As stylish as one can be with just a regular, everyday outfit, one cannot forget accessories to spice things up a little. “I have a necklace that I bust out every now and again, since I’m not quite so bundled up with the less frigid weather of Spring. In addition to that, I have a pineapple hat that I enjoy wearing for when the weather gets a little warmer, so I’m very excited to shine that gem off again soon”, Said senior Lucas H.

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