Passionate Politics Plagues DHS

Passionate Politics Plagues DHS

By: Aidan T.
With several primaries and caucuses already past, the race for President is heating up with each passing day. With strong personalities, hardened beliefs and a strong desire to win the election, each of the remaining candidates are working tirelessly to secure their party’s nomination.

Presidential Picture
Remaining candidates face off to be POTUS

For months, Republicans and Democrats alike have voted in droves for the candidate they feel will make the best President of the United States. While some candidates have dropped out, the six that remain continue to dominate the media and peak the interest of Americans all across the country. “I don’t see politics in [the presidential race] as much as I see drama,” said a teacher from pod 251.

For many, this campaign has been a diversion from the cut and dry politics many are used to seeing. “If I could compare [the presidential campaign] to one event in American history, it would be the election of 1828,” said US History teacher Mr. Craft. “If the media had been around in 1828 to catch all of Andrew Jackson’s gambling and relationships out of wedlock, it would have been a huge mess.” Another teacher from pod 251 said “It’s not about the politics, it’s about entertainment.”

For many students, this presidential race will be the first election in which they can vote. Politics is often a topic of conversation for students at DHS. Junior Tyler W. said, “Traditionally, election cycles provide the American people with a variety of choices, ranging all across the political spectrum… Strangely enough, the 2016 political cycle seems to be the exception.” Tyler, who calls himself an “ardent” Bernie Sanders supporter, said he has personally donated to the Sanders campaign as well as volunteered.

While there are many diverse candidates in the race for president, Bernie Sanders has done well with American youth. Junior Sophie M. said, “I support Bernie for sure. I like him because he is consistent and trustworthy and has been successful as a senator and a congressman for many years with his strong stance on fighting for the middle class.” Sophie also said she liked Sanders’ social justice efforts. “I think Sanders’ fight for equal rights for women has been especially inspiring.”

This presidential race has been full of surprising moments and moments that transcend normal American politics. While, some may find this amusing, many are left worried about the future of the United States. U.S. History teacher Mr. Bagshaw said, “The campaign has been a mockery on the side of the Republicans. On the Democratic side, it’s been far more civil yet some serious questions have been raised on Clinton’s credibility.”

A lot of media attention has been focused on New York businessman Donald Trump. Many see him as ignorant and racist, but his strong support and personality have compelled Republicans to vote for him. Junior Eddie C. said he supports Donald Trump because he’s “anti establishment.” Eddie also said, “I love his plan for the wall and the banning of Muslim entrance because it shows he tells it how it is and how safety and the condition of America’s well-being is a first priority for him.”

While it seems that Donald Trump is dominating the majority of the attention, many other students support the other Republican candidates. “I’ve been a Marco Rubio supporter since before he even announced he was running for President,” said junior Zach K.. “Personally, I identify as a Conservative Republican. Senator Rubio is one of the candidates in this election that most-accurately represents my political views and values.”

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