Senior Night Out

Senior Night Out

By: Morgan Ravenscroft

The clock is ticking for the class of 2016, and Senior Night Out is right around the corner.  On march 24th , the Senior class will be all enjoying one last get together before their final goodbyes at graduation  on the Odyssey in Boston

The night consists of beautiful dresses, and smiling faces. It is supposed to be a night to remember for all seniors. It is a celebration of all their hard work over the past four years together.  Senior Lily S. said “I can’t wait to wear a dress and have a special night out with my friends.”

All the seniors must be ready and back at the school by 4:00 on March 24th. Then off to the Odyssey they go.  Senior Brian B. said “I’m mostly excited to see the boat.” The boat has enough space for dancing but Senior Katherine J. says “ I think it might be very cramped and that everyone should bring a deodorant stick.”

For girls, picking out a dress is an event in itself. Unlike prom, most girls wear knee length dresses that are less expansive. “i’ve  been looking in many different stores like Revolve and Hello Molly, but I havn’t found one yet.” Said senior Delia D.   

Senior girls have been dress shopping any chance they could get, Senior Katherine Q. said “A lot of people are shopping for dresses, and a lot of people already have them which is stressing me out. People have found dresses at Free People, Revolve and Parker Ny that I have talked to.”

Many girls have been lucky and found their dresses right away. Senior Hannah Leddie said “I got mine from a friend who ordered the wrong size, I decided to buy it off her becuase it fit me perfectly.” Senior Lilly S. has already found her dress as well. She said “ It’s Purple Velvet and  she got it  from Forever 21.”  It is  also easy for the guys, Joe D. said  “My friends and I are all wearing a button down and nice pants.”  

Senior Night Out Will be a time to remember for everyone. From taking pictures with your friends, wearing beautiful dresses, and dancing the night away. Each Senior is guaranteed to have an amazing night!

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