Spring Tryouts in Bloom

Spring Tryouts in Bloom


photo courtesy of Duxbury Bay Maritime School

by Alex K.

Students lacing up their Nike sneakers to run outside can only mean one thing: spring tryouts. The number of students at DHS training for their sport is blooming.

Spring sports dependant on good weather, like crew and sailing, become easier to train for as temperatures increase. Junior Caitlyn C. said, “I have been training all winter because I decided not to do a winter sport, so winter training is required for rowing.”

Practicing for lacrosse is also a lot easier with less snow. “We have had captains practice and Lax Academy in Hingham once a week, and gear up to get in shape for the season. Along with playing in my yard especially lately with the nice weather out,” said senior Emma G.

This season will be full of firsts for many, and lasts for many others. Junior Lill F. will be one of four captains for girls’ softball this spring. Anything but nervous, Lill said, “As well as leading by example, we also have to push the other players to work hard and create an environment that’s comfortable for everyone.”

Finally adjusted to high school, many freshmen plan to tryout for spring sports. Freshman Allison M. expected teams to be cliquey and not really acknowledge the freshman, “but the golf team has been really nice and the upper classmen really try not to make me feel excluded.” But even older students are nervous to be excluded. “I am nervous to not make varsity, but if I don’t I won’t be upset because a lot of my friends will be on JV also,” said sophomore Xander D.

Instead of making up exercises on their own, students are signing up for sport strength and conditioning classes with coach Rob Ferreira. Ferreira’s conditioning is not focused on a specific sport, however. “We have a quote in the weight room that says, ‘You are the only person responsible for your success.’ Every sport takes dedication on the part of the athlete. It is their job to be dedicated, focused, and coachable to their training,” said Ferreira.

“I think the best way to give the seniors a memorable season is to stay focused until the end and finish strong,” said junior Paige H.






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