The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

By: Sophie P.

Duxbury’s Drama Troupe #355 is back on their path to success. This year, after a successful preliminary round at METG’s High School Drama Festival (States), the troupe will try their luck iodfufgn the semi-final round. Lots of work and preparation goes into producing such a large show. Sophomore and props crew chair Cate C. said, “I find all the props for States, and I organize them, and I make sure they’re where they’re supposed to be. I buy them if they need to be bought.”

States is a statewide, high school level drama festival with over 100 Massachusetts schools taking part. The tournament consists of a preliminary round, a semi-final round, and final round before widening to the New England Festival in April.

Such a large production can be very stressful. Sophomore Molly B. of stage crew said, “I help move things on the actual States day. Our strike [disassembling the set] is very stressful. I almost died like three times, it was awesome.” Working on States stretches well before the actual show, with casting beginning as early as summer.

Despite the stress, most students agree it’s a really great experience. Senior and president of the Drama Club Hannah S. said, “It’s definitely one of the highlights of my high school career. You meet so many amazing people, but you also get really close to the people you’re in the show with.”

Hanover High School junior Mike M. said, “It was awesome. Duxbury was an amazing host. Everything was so wonderfully coordinated, and it was a lot of fun to see all of the different schools and meet new people.”

From dedicated Thespians to first year troupe members, States is a time everyone can look forward to. Senior Zulia M. said, “We have a saying in drama that States is better than Christmas, and it’s so true. It’s the best time of the year.”

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