Cuba: The Door has opened!

Cuba: The Door has opened!

By: Will D

Duxbury High School Senior, Tristan Dowling visited Cuba during February Break. Ever since he can remember, he and his father have discussed the idea of sailing to Cuba, the epic 90-mile traverse between two countries.

The United States has recently removed the travel ban on Cuba, allowing Dowling access into a place unlike anywhere in North America. For over 50 years, these two countries separated by a small stretch of water have reached the brink of nuclear war. The relations between the United States and Cuba have prohibited traveling between countries. Until now.

Dowling and his father’s motive for going to Cuba was to do a humanitarian project, in which he learned the gift of giving. “You could give someone a toothbrush, and it would literally mean the world to them.” But the giving is endless, and has not changed the poverty and conditions among the country. Cuba needs more business and a growing economy to be a better place to live and play.

Next is the food. Every meal comes with rice and beans. The small portions made Tristan realize why Americans are called fat. “Some restaurants range from 3-15 items on the menu.” Also, it is illegal for Cubans to eat beef. Dowling explained many of the Cubans eat beef because it is available in black markets, regardless of the strict laws.

Dowling called Cuba, “A Tourist nightmare. Unless you’re in Havana at a 5 star hotel. But, staying in Havana, you only see what the government wants you to see.”

Dowling said,“People were partying, listening to reggaeton and grinding, at the hotel.” “The Russian embassy is one of the coolest buildings in Havana.” A country that feeds off of tourism. Tristan said, “the weather was consistent, it hit 80’s some days, but it wasn’t too sunny.”

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