March Sadness

March Sadness
The infamous “Trail of Tears” on a rainy afternoon.

By Jay W.

Once again, the month that most high schoolers dread has arrived. While March hosts plenty of fun-filled school activities, it is also one of the longest months on the school calendar with only one and a half days off this month.

Students shared their thoughts on the weeks ahead. “I think March has always been a grind,” said senior Chase J. “Still gotta get through it.” Likewise, “March is boring, nothing really happens except for March Madness,” said senior Cal H.

March Madness, which begins March 15th, will feature a tournament style of college basketball games live-streamed across the nation. The annual NCAA tournament’s website allows fans to create their own brackets and predict how the 68 teams will fare in the tourney. Some students are excited to make their own brackets. “I love college basketball,” said freshman Brendan C. Brendan’s advice to fellow inexperienced bracket makers was to “pick some probable upsets.”

Meanwhile, on the opposite spectrum of events occurring in March, many students are talking about the upcoming promposals. Some DHS students gave advice about when and how to ask a date to prom. “People do it way too early. Someone did it in December last year, which is crazy,” said senior Jared N. “Don’t ask to prom too early or too late, and don’t do it in a creepy way,” said Jared. Other students had different opinions. “I would say that you would want to wait the day before,” said sophomore Sam W.

Despite what may be harsh student opinion, there are many school-related events in March. National Honor Society’s “Putting for Patients” will be held on Friday the 18th in the highs schools gym. For seniors, the annual “Senior Night Out” is coming up later this month. Also, spring sports officially begin on the 21st.

In fact, some students have expressed some enjoyment in the month of March. Senior Iva B. said, “I love the month of March, it’s when things get warmer.”

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