The Garden Club In Bloom

The Garden Club In Bloom
The flower arrangement next to the art piece.

By Jillian H.

Last week, the DHS Garden Club imitated a piece of art using flowers. The Duxbury Art Association paired with the Community Garden Club of Duxbury and hosted “Blooms at the Complex” this weekend.

Participants were asked to choose an artwork and create a flower arrangement to complement the piece. The Garden Club chose the painting “Flight Pattern” by Abby Lammers.

“We tried to incorporate interesting shapes and colors in our arrangement to complement those of the painting,” said member Sophie M. “Because of the angular shapes and directions of the painting, we used long leaves and tulips to mimic the lines. Also, we used bright, tropical flowers because the colors in the painting are vivid.”

“Blooms at the Complex” is one of the best-attended weekends for the Art Complex each year. For the piece, the students worked with Molly McGill of Fleur Events, a company that specializes in flower arrangements for special events.

“It was a really great opportunity for our club,” said Sophie. “We really enjoyed making the arrangement and look forward to doing more in the future.”

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