Stress Less Week

Stress Less Week

By: Morgan R

Last week Duxbury High School had its first ever stress less, laugh more week. All through the day, DHS  taught students helpful ways to reduce stress. These lessons included   bubbles, snacks, live music and free stress balls.

During the morning students walked into a live performance from the Jazz band, and later heard relaxing music in the halls between classes. Unfortunately senior Delia D said ,“The week itself helped a little bit, but the music made me more stressed, because it was so loud in the halls.”

At lunch there were coloring books and markers on the tables. Also on the way to breadboard, students found a snack bar.  Sophomore Sophie L said, “ My favorite part about stress less week was getting the free Jello and chocolate covered pretzels.”   As the week progressed Junior Liz C said , “ I learned to take a minute or two to breathe if I ever feel overwhelmed.”

In the future students want to have another Stress Less week.  Junior Grace T said, “Next year DHS should reduce the workload for the week and also buy better stress balls because they broke very easily.”  Senior Kayla S said ,“I think in the future DHS should make stress less week longer, and teach more ways to reduce anxiety about anything from school to everyday life.”

In regards to why everyone is so stressed, Sophomore Sophie L said, “ I think DHS is so stressed because the town has very high expectations on how people are supposed to act, and that makes people feel overwhelmed.”   Senior Beth B said,  “I think the administration can be too hard on kids for their mistakes, and that makes them stress more and feel less about themselves. Which is a huge problem to have in a school.”

Overall stress less week had a positive impact on  DHS students. Senior Christen B said, “ I think DHS should do this more often because one week cannot fix everyone’s stress level, but this was definitely a good start.”

Senior Sam B said, “ Students next year shouldn’t let the small problems bother them, High School flies by, and you have to embrace it for what it is.”  

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