The Best Dressed List

By Savannah Blanch

This year’s prom is on May 21st at the Quincy Marriott Hotel. Despite the prom being nearly two months away girls are already prepping for prom.  Senior and Junior girls have already started posting their dresses on the prom dedicated Facebook page.

The Facebook page has been the source of drama in recent years.  Junior Sarah B said, “ The Facebook page is the worst thing about prom. It causes so much drama and stress. Everyone has to have a different dress. Girls judge and make fun each other’s dresses. It’s not fun.”

Many student prep for prom months and advance. Junior Lia S said, “ a lot of work goes into prom. The make-up, hair, the friends and finding a date to take.  I started looking for my dress in January”. Another major component of having great prom other than finding the right dress is a date.  A lot of girls are finding the perfect dress even before they have found a date to prom. Senior Brynne B said, “ I already found a dress. I think most girls have already found a dress even though most of them do not have dates yet.  Even if I don’t get asked i still have a dress and can go have fun with my friends”.

Many of the Senior and Junior boys and girls have not even thought about prom yet.  Owen M said “ I don’t get why girls start getting ready for prom so early. I haven’t really thought about prom yet. I guess it’s a lot easer for a guy to get ready (for prom) but it’s still stressful asking.”   Senior Lucas H said, “ Promposal season is right around the corner. They are always enterraining. Prom is really stress for guys. I don’t think that girls really get that. It’s all fun when you get to prom though so it’s worth it”.

Prom ticket hasn’t gone on sale yet. The ticket will go on sale before April vacation and will be $80 per ticket.


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