“Patriots Day”

“Patriots Day”

BostonmovieBy: Will D

The upcoming movie “Patriot’s Day” follows the Boston Police commissioner Ed Davis during the suspenseful hours after the marathon bombing. The movie is to be released December 21st in the city of Boston. Based off the four hellish days of finding the two terrorists that attacked the city on marathon Monday, people are still dealing with the effects of this act of terrorism.

Junior Tim N, said, “The city of Boston is the only appropriate place to film this movie.” Tim believes this movie will be popular in the box office due to the proximity of the attack. Senior Dave O, said, “The search is the most suspenseful part of the attack, but I believe the survivors should get a tribute in the credits.”

Senior John S said, “I remember my whole family was packed into the family room, watching the T.V.” Also, “The movie should highlight the people this immediately affected, It shouldn’t make the terrorists movie stars.”

The movie will be starring movie stars including, John Goodman, Alex Wolff, and local star Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg was born and raised in Dorchester, MA and has been in big Boston movies before, including the perfect storm and Ted. Dave O believes this movie will be a hit around the country, not just New England. “I know my whole family will want to see it”, Said Senior Ben S. “Patriots Day” will open in limited release, then become nationwide on January 13.

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