Sarah Gill

Sarah Gill


By: Molly N.

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Sarah Gill is running for secretary of M.A.S.C. on March 9th. This is the first time anyone has ever run for a position on the state board before. Another Duxbury High School student, Alexis Dow is attending the national conference for the first time with Sarah.

Many of you may be wondering what M.A.S.C. is. It is the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils. M.A.S.C. is a combination of the Central, North Eastern, South Eastern, and Western MA student council groups. Sarah explain the goal of the organization, “M.A.S.C.’s main goal at conferences is for students to leave the conference learning new ideas that they can bring back to their schools and communities, through the various workshops at the conference. In addition, M.A.S.C. wants people to leave having a new, better perspective of them selves, as a leader who has the opportunity to make a difference. M.A.S.C. offers students the opportunity to run for a position on the M.A.S.C. executive board, like I am currently doing, to be the main student leaders that represent Massachusetts. In addition, M.A.S.C. allows student representatives from Massachusetts to attend the National Student Council Conference every year”. It helps the students build up their own schools student councils. It also sets them up for success by surrounding them with such a positive environment.

The Massachusetts Association of Student Councils chooses inspiring speakers and creates workshops for members on student councils. The students listen to and learn lessons from these speakers. M.A.S.C. chooses these speakers because they “Want people to leave having a new, better perspective of themselves”.

The association also gives back to other aspects of our community. M.A.S.C. sponsors “Best Buddies/Special Olympics organization every year. Each region (S.E.M.A.S.C., N.E.M.A.S.C., C.D.M.A.S.C., and W.M.A.S.C) all sponsor charities specific to their region. This year, S.E.M.A.S.C. had the pleasure of sponsoring Care Packs.” One of Sarah’s rolls would entail helping to raise money for these charities.

Sarah decided to run for M.A.S.C. based on her experience with S.E.S.M.A.S.. On last years S.E.S.M.A.S. Sarah said, “Student council has offered me numerous new friendships, as well as an atmosphere, free of judgment, where I can be myself. This year, I have had the pleasure of being on the S.E.M.A.S.C. executive board, in which I have been able to work with 8 other students from different towns on the South Shore. Not only has being on this board given me new leadership experience and more confidence in myself, but it has given me 8 new friends. 8 people whom I used to look at as complete strangers, I can now call my best friends whom I will remember for the rest of my life”. As a junior delegate she gained a lot of confidence and also acquired eight lifelong friends along the way.

Sarah has been promoting her campaign via twitter and youtube. The theme she chose for her campaign was “True colors”. The slogan Sarah chose to accompany this theme was ““Show their true colors”, or be themselves through student council”.

She is also using resources from her own school. Sarah said that, “Mr. Files has been helping me a wooden display I am bringing to the conference, and Mrs. Ciccarelli has been helping me work on public speaking techniques for when I say my speech.” The

Sarah on the process so far, “The process has been amazing, but it has required a lot of hard work. I am so excited but very nervous for the conference in a couple days, but we will see what happens!”

Over one hundred schools from all over the state vote for who will fill which position. Each school has 4 votes per position. On Wednesday March ninth these schools elected Sarah for the position of secretary. Congratulations, Sarah!














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