Senior Project

Senior Project

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By: Molly N.

This spring, the seniors are up to something. At Duxbury High School they are doing projects to benefit the community. The project is run by Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Alange and they sort through them to ensure the project is beneficial to our community.

According to Mrs. Peterson, “We have about ten-12 kids who actually follow through the whole process”. This seemingly small number of kids is actually enough to have Mrs. Peterson thinking it is “Popular” this year.

In order to to participate in a project, Mrs. Peterson said “There is a mandatory meeting in october that they and their parents have to attend. After that there is an application process and certain dates you have to complete things by.” After the application process there are also a few requirements students are responsible for.

To be considered for senior project, “You have to have acceptable attendance and your teachers and parents need to sign off. No social probations either.” said Mrs. Peterson.

According to Mrs. Peterson, “If they have more than 3 AP’s the usually can’t do it.” These classes have a heavier workload and they’ll need to take their final at the end of the year. Also Mrs. Peterson said, “You have to have 75 averages in all of your classes.” To be able to be eligible for the project.

Senior Heron S. has “Needing to have 75 average in all my classes” on her mind. Heron is working with Katie Grossmen this spring and is “Helping her make graphics and videos to help her expand the program.” On the overall process Stames says, “It’s actually a lot of work. We had to start it really early in the school year. It’s worth it if you time it right then it isn’t that much work. The process is from October to April.”

Senior Jay F. is, “Building a bench and donating it to a sober house in Boston for their bus stop.” He is doing the project by himself and he is nervous “about things down the road.”

Conor H. got his project inspiration from a former teammate about “Breden Burke was doing a similar project. That along with my interest in filmmaking inspired me.” Burke is doing a documentary of his time spent with his lacrosse teammates this spring on and off the field.

Abby J. is building benches for various locations around the school campus using the wood from the old gym floor. Her inspiration came from one of her teachers, “Mr. Files the tech teacher happened to keep most of the gym floor. He was planning on doing it with a manufacturing class and then I took it over as my project.”


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