What Goes Down In The Hallways

What Goes Down In The Hallways


By: Molly N.

Photo on 4-5-16 at 9.49 AMWithin the hallways of DHS, students are surrounded by each other for three minutes between each class. In these brief few minutes, how do the behaviors of students impact other?

Many students and teachers notice a lack of happy faces throughout the hallways. Chemistry teacher Ms. Heath said, “People are generally polite [in the hallways], but sometimes my students do not acknowledge me which does not make me feel too good.” Sophomore Kelley M. said, “Yeah I can see friends and people smile sometimes, but other people won’t.” The friendly faces in the halls seem to be few and far between.

Students also feel like the hallways are difficult to navigate. For junior Abby L., students walking habits can prove to be problematic. Sophomore Mattie M. said, “When people stop walking in the middle and just stand there, that is annoying.” It drives her crazy when she has to get around the many large groups that congregate in the halls.

A common sighting among DHS students in the halls are people wearing headphones. Senior Shane Sullivan wears headphones in the hallways because, “I don’t like talking to people. They piss me off and ruin my day.”

Students all have different ways of taking on the the hallways. The group consensus is that a trip through the hallways can either be a good experience or not one at all. Next time you’re walking through them, don’t forget to smile!


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