Girl Code: A Guide to Cheap Bathing Suits

Girl Code: A Guide to Cheap Bathing Suits

By: Julia F.

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Along with the excitement of the approaching warm weather comes the haunting thought of putting on a bathing suit after hiding under turtlenecks and puffy coats all winter. I can definitely speak for myself when I say that I am not prepared for bikini season. However, some bathing suit trends have made it easier for us to worry less about our bodies this summer. Plus, splurging on summer concerts is still possible because these tips can help you save money on popular bathing suits!

One piece, high neck and high waisted bikinis are making a comeback. We should have seen this coming after styles like high waisted shorts, turtlenecks, Adidas sneakers, and french braids came back into our lives. A great way to find cute bathing suit styles and prints is on Pinterest. Pinterest can link you to really great sites such as H&M or Macy’s, that sell decently priced bathing suits. H&M’s top collection ranges from about $13-$20. Macy’s is a little more expensive ($30-$50), but the sale selection provides really good options as well.

If trendy eighties style bathing suits aren’t your style, another popular option is a top with lots of straps. Whether it’s two straps that cross to make the top, or a bandeau style with a bunch of ties in the back, it’s definitely in. These styles are particularly all over Pinterest, and can be found at H&M for about $20. Also popular are embroidered monogram tops that can be found on Etsy or Marleylilly for about $15.

One trend that is always in style is the notorious Trangl bikini. However, if you have a salary anything like my summer babysitting job, there is no way you can afford a $90 bathing suit from Australia. A cheaper alternative option is the knock-off Triangl bathing suits that can be found on Amazon. They are made out of very similar material writand look just like Triangl’s styles.

Another popular trend are the Kiini bikinis. These bathing suits cost $275, but there’s no need to splurge on this tiny article of clothing when there are exact replicas on Amazon or

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