Swimming Out Of Your Budget

Swimming Out Of Your Budget


BeFunky Collageby Alex K.

Swimsuit season is just around the corner, and while many are hitting the gym, I’m hitting up my PayPal account. There are so many online shops to find bathing suits that we haven’t even heard of. We’re used to the generic Victoria’s Secret or Target bikinis, but there’s a lot more.

When it comes to swimwear, I like to be more unique. Don’t get me wrong, VS has some great bikini tops but if I see one more push-up bandeau top…

One way to find all of the cool online boutiques for bikinis is through Instagram. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) always posts pics of her flaunting her assets in the newest brand. Usually, Kylie tags the swim brand in her photo so it’s easy to find! Even searching “bikini” on Instagram can send you to thousands of brand accounts.

A lot of Duxbury vacationers here have been catching on to the Traingl bikini trend. The Milly style is probably the most popular, but I really like the new floral printed ones. The strapless Marley looks very unique, and I think it’s something that not many people will have (yet).

When it comes to Traingl bikinis, I’ve heard different things from different people. Some say that the bottoms and tops are very flattening, because there’s no support. Others love it because it’s easy and comfortable. All swimwear is made from neoprene: the same material that scuba divers wear. It’s more about comfort and flexibility than fashion with neoprene.

Unfortunately for high-end brands, less is more. This is not because of pricing, but because of fabric. One of my favorite swim brands, Mikoh Swimwear, has great styles. But you have to be careful choosing which bottoms, or else swimming in Duxbury Bay could be a lot more interesting.

The more expensive, however, the better quality. If you plan on spending your summers here at Duxbury beach everyday, you might want to invest in an expensive suit. Either way, buy a swimsuit you feel comfortable in, ready to take on the sun.


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