Bruised Bruins

Bruised Bruins


By Jay W.

Boston’s own Bruins did not make the playoffs this year. Just in the last few games the Bruins have had multiple close games won by only one goal, leaving many with doubts about the upcoming NHL playoffs.

The Bruins’ season ended early this year after a tough loss against the Carolina Hurricane.

Many students agreed that the Bruins have had a rough season and were unlikely to make a comeback. “I think it hasn’t gone so well,” said junior David G. “I think it will be a disaster when they don’t make the playoffs.” Junior Matt R said, “I think they’re pretty crummy this year.” “They are currently not in the play-off picture,” said junior Patrick B.

Some students had advice for the Bruins. “They could trade Chara and get some valuable members,” said senior Cal H. Zdeno Chara is one of the Boston Bruins’ captains and defensemen. However since his arrival to the Bruins in 2006, Chara’s value as a player has fallen and rumors of his retirement spread through the fanbase.

For many the source of the Bruins’ failures and possibly the team’s worst player is its goaltender. “It’s definitely Rask. if he could stop anything, especially in last night’s game, they wouldn’t be in this position,” said DHS teacher Mrs. Raftery. Tuuka Rask the Bruins’ primary goaltender, has been discussed to be declining since 2014. Rask’s save to goal ratio was .922%, while his 2015 ratio was .867%. This is a dramatic decrease in shots saved and an added pressure for Bruins’ defense.

The Bruins missed the playoffs. Many saw it coming. “It’s not longer in their hands,” said Patrick. “I don’t think they have a shot,” said Mrs. Raftery, “I’m going to say zero percent.” With each loss under the Bruins’ belt, a playoff position became harder to imagine.

The Bruins had their final chance this past weekend, Freshman Jakob F said, “We have competed with the top teams in the NHL when we played our best, but when we don’t we look like we deserve to be last in the league.” With their latest loss against the Ottawa Senators (Bruins 1, and Senators 6), the Bruins have confirmed that they will not be able to make the 2015-2016 play-offs. Even despite a crucial win against the Red Wings (Bruins 5, and Red Wings 2), the team could not overcome the backlash of the losses from earlier in the regular season. The Bruins ended their season with 42 wins, 31 losses, and 9 ties.

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