Distractions: Causes & Tips From Students At DHS

Distractions: Causes & Tips From Students At DHS
A student being distracted by her cell phone during class.

By: Nicole N.

Students worldwide have always faced issues with focusing in class. From becoming bored to getting distracted, there are many methods students can use to crush their dilemmas of being unable to concentrate in class.

Whether if it is caused by something else or if it just happens naturally, there are many ways students can become refrained from working. “I see other students frequently becoming distracted from their laptops,” said Sophomore Corynne C. “It doesn’t necessarily distract me, but I’ve noticed that they normally either watch videos, play games, or listen to music and talk with their friends in the classroom when they should generally be paying more attention.”

As for other students, their surrounding classmates can become actually very distracting. “When I get distracted during a class, it most likely will be caused by a classmate talking at a fairly loud volume with their friends,” said Sophomore Brittany M. “I find it especially annoying if the teacher is trying to say something or is trying to give directions to the class, and I cannot hear them because of the students around me.”

In school, there are multiple methods of coping with boredom and getting back to work. For some students, they prefer siting back and learning in a more casual way. “I usually or most likely will listen to music when I start getting bored in class. It helps me in getting back on track with things,” said Sophomore Robert R.

For other students, they prefer a physical action to assist in concentrating. Freshman Mike D. said, “I found that tapping pens actually helps me concentrate while listening to the teacher speak.”

As some may disagree, there are many fun parts of the school environment to focus on, rather than spacing out and not willing to participate. According to a few students, their boredom can vary depending upon the class activities of the day. “I love Kahoot games,” said Junior Brooke M. “They’re a fun, competitive way to test our memory of the subject, and they help us learn what we might have forgotten. I literally never get bored when my teacher has us play a Kahoot game.”

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