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By: Peter G.

Fundraisers are a part of almost everything in a town. Getting money to help add into a business, a sports team or someone running for office and other small fundraisers are a huge part of local communities. Fundraisers are also a huge part here at Duxbury High School.

Which fundraiser is the school’s favorite? Fundraisers run by groups in the school can range from car washes to raffle tickets. Sophomore Frank T. said, “Participating in the handball and volleyball tournaments are always fun so I’d say that those are my favorite. I mean nothing is more satisfying then spiking a volleyball on one of your friends.” Freshman Brendan C. said, “Well, I like winning money so probably go with the raffle tickets that football kids sell.” “ I love baking for and buying from all of the school bake sales.” Said sophomore Lizzy J.

Another issue is whether or not fundraisers are really essential for clubs and teams. Sophomore Chris C. said, “Yes. The money made at some of the fundraisers helps the clubs do so much more.” Junior Garrett H. said, “Absolutely. Since most of the clubs are run by students it’s really a great way to get money.” Sophomore Julia L. said, “ I think so because they enable the clubs and teams to be able to do a lot then the could without fundraisers.”

Though some may be your favorite, in the end it all really comes down to what is going to be more successful in getting money. If there isn’t enough money being made, then there is almost no sense in doing the fundraiser. Sophomore Ryan M. said, “The GEC tournaments are probably the most successful. From past experiences, I’ve been able to notice how many kids sign up.” Junior Michael G. said, “ Bake sales easily make the most money. There’s like one every week and they always sell almost everything.”







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