Mean Street

Mean Street

By Savannah B.  

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Mr. Nelson’s “meanest teacher” awards.

From the mean streets of Natick to the pristine halls of Duxbury High school, Mr. Nelson has instilled life lessons into his students. For most, Mr. Nelson is a teacher that they will never forget.

Mr. Nelson was raised in the MetroWest town of Natick, Massachusetts. Nelson is famously known for bringing up his hometown and his time there. Nelson said, “I grew up in Natick, Massachusetts, the home of champions. It was tough. I grew up on Mean St. in Natick. It molded me into what I am today. A lot of despair, poverty, and pollution, but I made it through.”

Nelson’s desire to be a teacher started at a young age. “My father was a science teacher in the Needham public schools. During days where we had no school, I would often go in with him. I’m sure that had a huge impact on me.” Mr. Nelson went to graduate from University of New Hampshire and received his graduate degree from Stanford University in California.

Along with teaching, Mr. Nelson is very passionate about basketball. “When I first started teaching, I was a  biology teacher and a basketball coach at a private boarding school in New Hampshire which allowed me to do two things I was interested in.”  

Mr. Nelson has became famous throughout Duxbury High School for his witty catchphrases.  His most well known one “My Time” stems from his time as a basketball coach. “The ‘my time, your time’ idea really started when I was coaching basketball at the New Hampshire prep school. The idea of coaching was practice was ‘my time.’ Practice was important to me, I know what I need to accomplish, I know what I need to impart to you, and games then were ‘your time.’” If Mr. Nelson could have any other job, it would involve his second love, basketball. Mr. Nelson said he would like to be “a professional basketball player or a coach. For the Boston Celtics of course.”

Mr. Nelson wants to teach his students lessons that will prepare them for life after leaving the safety of Duxbury High School. “Next year, you will be out on the big highway of life, and when a Mac truck is bearing down on you, you can’t look around and say Mr. Nelson what do I do next? I’m not going to be there for you and you gotta learn to stand on your own two feet, solve your problems, communicate and look to your friends to help you.” One of the biggest lesson Mr.Nelson teaches is independence. “You have gotta learn how to stand on your own to feet and survive and be effective at whatever you do.”

Mr. Nelson takes pride in being the meanest teacher at Duxbury High School. “I have been consistently voted the meanest teacher at Duxbury High School every year. I think it’s true and I like being the meanest teacher.”

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  1. Since when did he give himself the “meanest teacher” title? No students gave him that. Mr. Nelson hooks us up from day 1 and prepares us for the “highway of life”……not mean.

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