Junior College Preparation

Junior College Preparation

By: Aidan T.

As the school year comes to an end, juniors all across DHS must make crucial decision about their futures.

Students visit many colleges on school vacations. Picture taken at Salve Regina University

With senior year just around the corner, juniors begin taking their first steps into their future academic careers. One way students are preparing is by taking college tours. “I’ve toured a few schools and I’ve learned a lot,” said junior Zach K. “It really helps narrow down my search and highlight what I’m looking for.” Many other students plan visits on their school vacations. “I’m planning on visiting a few colleges during April break,” said Junior Claire L. “I think it will help show me what I want and what I don’t want.”

For some students, the college preparation process began before High School. Junior Emily M. said, “College preparation started in sixth grade for me, as a lot of other kids in Duxbury. Therefore, I think preparing now is just getting to know every single part of a possible college.”

With college just on the horizon, students are remaining diligent and steadfast in their academics. Junior Sophie M. said, “I took the SAT’s early to get them out of the way. I’m trying to stay motivated and busy so I can show drive a commitment when applying.” Zach K. said, “In order to increase my odds of getting into that I’m interested in, I have selected classes that will look good on college applications without overloading myself.”

For many students, extra-curricular activities are just as important as school itself. “I’ve joined some clubs and organizations, as well as applied for internships, which will hopefully look good on my college resumes,” said Zach K.

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